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Oru Thaayin Sabatham 09-03-2013 – Zee Tamil Show | Zee Tamil Tv 09-03-13 Oru Thaayin Sabatham Program | Oru Thayin Sabadham 09th March 2013 Show
Host Uma Padmanabhan talks to single mothers who bring up their children to a very respectable and responsible position in the society. She discusses their painful and brave stories.

Oru Thaayin Sabatham, Zee tv Shows

Parenting is a major responsibility, more so for a single parent. A single mother has to bear the added responsibilities, tensions and pressures as they are left alone to deal with multiple tasks. She need to have the tenderness and understanding of a mother, yet be firm and strong like a father. This show focuses on such women who in spite of having their dreams shattered, grow up their children to a very respectable and responsible position in the society with their strong will, hope and courage.

Program involves people from all strata of the society regardless of the professional sphere , who were grown up by single mothers. The show captures the pain and hardships in the different paths travelled by single mothers to grow up their children with a vision of being a successful and good human being in the society. The talk show will be anchored by Uma Padmanabhan, a well known Tamil socialite, television and movie actress, News reader and TV anchor. The Show is on Weekends (Sat-Sun) at 8.30PM.


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